About Me

I am an entrepreneur, consultant, and investor living in New York. Currently, I am the founder of Vereos Ventures, LLC which does web development consulting and develops its own SaaS focused software. Contact me if you are interested in hiring Vereos Ventures to develop your product.

I started my career with a part-time job in high school programming for a local telecommunications company. At the University of Chicago, I drifted over to molecular biology, studying stress signaling pathways involved in human physiology and disease, in particular the role of glucocorticoids in breast cancer and cancer treatment. Later, I founded and co-founded several startups before helping to start and grow the consultancy Tanooki Labs as the Director of Web Development, where I consulted for dozens of startups.

I'm the proud father of two great children, and in my spare time I enjoy sailing, traveling, reading scientific papers, and studying machine learning.